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QueensBouquet Beauty Essence

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QueensBouquet Beauty Essence


The characteristics of Queens Bouquet

Queens Bouquet is the 99%“Gwangwha wormwood extract”which we extracted not to destruct the unique ingredients of“Gwangwha wormwood”with excellent efficacy using “medium and low temperature extracting method”under the strict hygiene management slowly for a long time. Especially it is the product extracted from certified pesticides-free ingredients with 5 substances-free (sulfate, artificial pigment, ethanol, paraben and tricloan)

As a PH6.0 (+0.5) slightly acidic product like skin, Queens Bouquet protects skin from hazardous environment by blocking the hazardous external intrusion such as demodex, bacteria.

Queens Bouquet uses only EU certified natural preservation media such as pasqueflower extract, Chinese pepper extract, moss extract.

As it is no stimulus test product, Queens Bouquet can be safely use by everybody including infants.

* The efficacy of Gangwhawormwood The warm properties of wormwood with rich mint flavor help the body temperature elevation by relaxing exhausted body, Cineol which is the oil refining ingredient protects skin by making thin film to skin and it contains lots of Flavonoids such as Yupathylin, Zaceocydin and bioactive substances such as Tannins, Chlorophyll and Vitamin. Because this product is extracted from dried wormwood which has aged, fermented naturally by sea wind and sea fog with rich minerals for 3 years, everybody can easily use at home.


Secret of beauty is skin elasticity wash one's face after cleansing lotion for hand-made finishing and called for fair skin to keep secret. The "Canghwa wormwood extract" is that large amount of "various bioactive ingredients such as essential oils ingredients and eupatilin, flavonoid, chlorophyll, vitamins" all the "Canghwa wormwood extract" readily made available in the house "Beauty Essence Water". Queens Bouquet is SLOWGANIC products. "Canghwa wormwood" not distinctive ingredients are not destroyed. "On low and medium extraction mode" it is "Canghwa wormwood" extract slowly extracted under strict hygiene control in the long term (body patent). Materials of Queens Bouquet is a medicinal plant of warm se xual characteristics "Canghwa wormwood" is turned brought down the fertile soil and sunny sun clean CangHwa-Do and and ingredients quality is proud of the best in the world, harvested mugwort is the sea breeze and sea fog natural aging by three years, to only use fermented mugwort.


  1. Dilute 20ml (10ml per 1cap) of essence per water 1L to use for the final face washing.
  2. Do not wash off Beauty Essence Water. Lightly pat to be absorbed to skin.
  3. After opening cap, shake before use.
  4. Density control (undiluted solution is available) is available according to its symptom and taste.


  • The fin ish of cleansing, the start of makeup
    - With excellent antioxidant action and anti-inflammatory action, it keeps skin clean and moist by protecting skin cell.

  • Shower
    - If you finish a shower with light rinsing, it is helpful to dry skin.

  • Scalp, hair
    - When you rinse it after shampoo, rinsing, use at the final stage, it helps to seborrheic scalp or itchy scalp caused from dryness, damaged hair.

  • Sitz bath
    - From ancient time, wormwood which is called as‘ mother-wart’h as been utilized by women as the familiar folk remedy. The sitz bath of wormwood helps the blood circulation by warming body and drawing out the cold from lower abdomen.

  • Foot bath
    - The sterilization, anti-flammatory action of wormwood make polluted feet healthy, he warm properties of wormwood make the blood circulation smooth to help the alleviation of cold hands and feet.

  • Infant ~ Children
    - From ancient time, we have bathed baby in the mugwort boiled water. It protects the skin of baby from the polluted environment of modern time.

  • Bath
    - Dilute 100~150ml of essence in the bath tub to bath for about 20 minutes. When you bath for many times, your body gets stronger against cold, and helpful to the blood circulation of whole body and dry skin.
    You can control its density according to the symptom and tastes, do not rinse to be absorbed to skin after bath.

  • Soothing effect for the summer skin
    - Because the tannin ingredients of wormwood have the effect of skin soothing, if you dilute to the cold water to use, it is helpful to the alleviation of itching caused from exposed skin, heat rash, skin drying, artificial suntan.


1. How to make mist
Dilute purified water and essence in the ratio of 7:3 to use as mist.
(According to the taste, density control is available, remained mist should be kept in the refrigerator)

2. How to apply pack
Soak mixed purified water and essence in the ratio of 1:1 or undiluted essence to the makeup cotton or cotton sheet to put on the face for 3 minutes.
After pack, lightly pat to be absorbed to the skin.